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Wooden pallets are one of the most important products used in cargo transportation. They are one of the equipments specially designed for loading by using forklifts. Wood is the most preferred raw material in pallet production. The safety of the pallets and the assembly of wooden parts are provided by means of special steel nails.

The long-term use of wooden pallets reduces the costs of companies. Wooden pallets also allow repairing minor damages that do not cause safety problems. They ensure the safe transportation of your products and offer practicality in loading.

Ortunç Forest Products can produce wooden pallets from native red pine products in desired dimensions for your needs. Standard, thick, medium, or thin type are among the most preferred pallets.

Wooden Pallet Product Classes:
Raw material pall
et Container pall
et Paper sector pallet
Market pallet
Solid deck pallet
Square timber pallet
Wedged pallet

We produce in dimensions you prefer for your wooden pallet needs in Turkey. Let's choose the production standard that best suits your needs and make your business more efficient.

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