Heat Treatment / Drying

Wooden packaging products are used in a wide range of areas in order to prevent damage to the transported products in or on them from external effects such as impacts and tilting during transportation. However, these materials that have not undergone heat treatment or drying process, especially wooden pallets, lose their strength over time due to the moisture inside and may even damage their surroundings by causing mold growth.

With its experience in pallet production, Ortunç Forest Products performs dehumidification of wood material, if requested, with its own pallet dryer.

Heat Treatment  / Spraying

In forest trees, pest larvae can cause various losses by eating the leaves of the trees. This damage not only causes economic loss but also negatively affects the pleasure value of forests, parks, and recreational areas. Moreover, the irritating hairs of some insect species and the toxins they secrete disturb both humans and cattle in pastures.

Due to the richness of the forest ecosystem, insecticides to be used in combating harmful insects should be safer than insecticides to be used in agricultural and garden pests in terms of their ecological and environmental effects.

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